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Propeller are not your typical accountants.
We are BUSINESS PARTNERS going the extra mile to propel your business forward and help you reach your GOALS.


I'm Jon Gordon and I operate Propeller Accounting.

I’m a CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT and have gained a unique set of skills and experience over my 20+ years in accounting and commercial roles.


I started my career with (EY) Ernst & Young and have held several other senior commercial roles since. I am an experienced BIG BUSINESS commercial and corporate accountant but I also love SMALL BUSINESS.

At PROPELLER it is all about the client. That is why we exist.


We PARTNER with our clients, becoming a key advisor to their business, helping them ESTABLISH and GROW their businesses; and ACHIEVE their GOALS.

We're “hands-on” and love to help!              GIVE US A CALL TODAY!



We take care of all your accounting and tax related requirements giving you the time to focus on your business.


Each client’s needs vary depending on the stage of their business and at Propeller we are acutely aware of this.


From setting out on that journey and not knowing where to start ..... to exiting a business, we have the experience and know-how to help throughout the business life cycle, giving you the peace of mind that everything is under control.


We love helping our clients navigate through their business challenges and celebrating their successes.


We are mobile and like to connect with our clients on a regular basis.

Our Approach
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Our services


Accounting, GST, Tax and compliance

  • Preparation of annual financial statements and tax returns

  • Preparation of GST returns

  • Tax planning and management

  • Monthly or quarterly management accounts 

  • General business and tax advice

Business Planning and Coaching

  • Goal setting and establishing a business plan

  • Monthly or quarterly coaching

  • Monthly or quarterly management accounts 

  • Ad-hoc business advice

Setting up your

  • Business structures and set up

  • Software set up including training and support (i.e. Xero, payroll etc)

  • Systems and process advice

  • IRD training

  • Payroll

Forecasting and Financing

  • Budgeting

  • Cashflow and three-way forecasting

  • Assistance with funding applications to bank/financiers

Buying and Selling Advice

  • Assisting with business purchases, due diligence etc

  • Succession planning and exit strategies

  • Business sales

  • Business value

Governance advice and services

  • Business administration

  • Company secretarial

  • Governance advice

  • General business advice



For Accounting, GST and Tax, Propeller Accounting is a 100% subscription based. 


We don’t advertise package prices because the reality is that this is a marketing gimmick. Every client is unique with different needs so you cannot categorise clients into 3 or 4 fee groups. 

For each client, we review their specific requirements and work involved to determine a tailored and cost-effective fee package and then provide this as a "no obligation" fee quote. This becomes the monthly subscription.

Your fees are known upfront so there are no surprises and are payable in monthly instalments, spreading the cashflow burden over 12 months.

Fees include phone calls and ad-hoc queries to do with your accounting, GST and tax so there are no extra charges. For any services beyond this, we discuss and agree the scope and fee in advance. 


We encourage our clients to contact us whenever they like. The expectation of a separate invoice should never be a barrier to effective communication between client and accountant so you won’t get one! 

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